Works - " Passage " 2008 / Satoshi Otsuka

HY Passage 大塚聡/SatoshiOtsuka 800×590.jpg

HY Passege 大塚聡/SatoshiOtsuka 800×561.jpg

2008, mixed media,
230×670×450/mm, each of two parts,
" Seeing Time ",
hiromiyoshii, Tokyo, Japan
" Art Fair Tokyo 2008 ",
Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan
" Fragment ",
Hideo Kabayashi's house, Kanagawa, Japan
" G - Tokyo 2013 ",
Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan
Photo : Masaru Yanagiba

Light that appears in the mirror surface is moving in random while slowly fade / fade-out in every one second. Since the power supply is a 100V ~ 240V correspondence, it is possible to watch anywhere in the world.