Works - " Counting Waves " 2006 / Satoshi Otsuka

TSCA Counting Waves 大塚聡-SatoshiOtsuka 800×600.jpg

TSCA Counting Waves-2 大塚聡/SatoshiOtsuka 800×604.jpg

TSCA Counting Waves-0 大塚聡/SatoshiOtsuka 802×606.jpg

TSCA Counting Waves-1 大塚聡/SatoshiOtsuka 800×604.jpg

TSCA Counting Waves  大塚聡/SatoshiOtsuka 800×574.jpg

Counting Waves
2006, mirror, two-way mirror, LED, controller,
each size1100×1500×100/mm
" Counting Waves ",
TSCA-Kashiwa, Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan
Photo : Masaru Yanagiba / Satoshi Otsuka

Light that appears in the mirror surface is moving in random while slowly fade / fade-out in every one second.